Is it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave While it is Cooking?

This week, “Mystifying Card Magic” asks: “Is it unhealthy to stand in front of a microwave while it is cooking?”

By: Mental Floss.
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Engineer Chris Mattson - ScienceLives

Brigham Young University engineer Christopher Mattson designs technology that targets the needs of the world’s poorest populations. He and his students have produced new water-well designs for villages in Africa and new tools for farmers in Guatemala.

By: National Science Foundation.

How to Upload Your Mind, Real Immortality Pt 5

In the final episode of my Real Immortality series I discuss how scientists are predicting that we’ll soon be able to upload our own brains and transcend our biology. I shot this episode at New York Comic Con and brought some help along, Baby Mystique (aka my daughter). Links to sources.

By: Science Friction.

Most Important Electronic Breakthroughs: Michael Faraday

What was the most important breakthrough in the history of electronics? Radio? Transistor? Fuel cells? The light bulb? Eventually Bill Nye settles on the ability to generate electricity itself, and schools Eugene Mirman and Astro Mike Massimino about the great Michael Faraday.

This “Behind the Scenes” video was shot during the recording of our episode, “Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye and Astro Mike” If you’d like to listen to the full podcast, click here:

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