Teleportation or Travel at the Speed of Light?

When a fan asks whether teleportation or travel at the speed of light is more likely to happen sooner, guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy points out the practical problems with both to co-host Eugene Mirman. After a careful consideration of the physics of light speed and the incredible amount of energy required for teleportation, Bill grudgingly chooses teleportation, but Astro Mike Massimino is holding out for FTL travel so we can get someplace worth going.

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Cosmic Queries: Space and Science Part 2

Ready for even more of your Cosmic Queries about space and science with guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy and comic co-host Chuck Nice? Find out what Bill thinks we should explore next with the Large Hadron Collider and whether plant life on exoplanets orbiting weaker red dwarf stars might use photosynthesis. Discover the best ways to change the trajectory of an Earth-bound asteroid and which comets have came closest to Earth without hitting us. You’ll learn about microwave clock circuits, global positioning satellites, the impact of technology on human evolution, the interaction of gravity in multi-planet systems and how to figure out the gravitational attraction between a man and a woman — although Chuck offers his own way to solve that problem. Plus, get Bill’s take on dealing with the anti-vaccine crowd and climate change deniers.

Duration: 38:40

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Bill Nye and Astro Mike on Space Radiation and Electromagnetic Shields

Is there any reason why a magnetic field couldn’t be used on a spacecraft to protect astronauts from radiation? In this Cosmic Queries “Behind the Scenes” video, guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy and Astro Mike Massimino discuss the enormous amount of energy required to generate a magnetic field of that much power with comic co-host Eugene Mirman. They also review other, more practical methods of shielding spacecraft from radiation.

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Can Fish Swim in Space?

When a fan asks if a fish could swim in a water bubble floating in zero-g in the ISS, guest astronaut Mike Massimino says, “Yes, we’ve done it with Swedish Fish.” After comic co-host Eugene Mirman points out that candy fish don’t count, guest host Bill Nye and Astro Mike discuss the interaction of water, surface tension, animals and air bubbles in zero-g.

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Bill Nye and Astro Mike on Exploring Space with Cubesats

A fan wants to know what Cubesats are and how they work — and so does comic co-host Eugene Mirman. Luckily for them, and us, guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino are both big fans of the little satellites and have the facts at their fingertips. Enjoy this Cosmic Query “Behind the Scenes” video.

via Star Talk Radio.