What Does The Earth Look Like From The Moon?

If you could stand on the Moon and look back at the Earth, what would you see? How would it compare from our familiar vantage point?

By: Fraser Cain.

Should We Live on Mars? - World Changing Ideas

In partnership with BBC Future, Headsqueeze is very happy to be bringing you the most interesting topics from the World Changing Ideas summit. The technology to reach nearby planets is possible, and astronaut Jeff Hoffman thinks we must colonise other worlds for our long-term survival.

Learn more about the World Changing Ideas summit here: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140917-ideas-that-will-change-the-world

By: Head Squeeze.

A New Comet’s Very, Very Near Miss

This week, a new comet will make its first visit to the inner Solar System, just barely missing Mars (we hope). SciShow Space News takes you there!

By: SciShow Space.
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Dr. Strughold’s Flight with a Numbed Bum

Hubertus Strughold shot his buttocks full of novocaine in the name of science. For more on the story, check out the latest article on Vintage Space: http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/vintage-space/dr-strugholds-flight-numbed-bum

By: Amy Shira Teitel.