Elizabeth and Darcy reveal all on Snapchat feat. BrainCraft

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30 Seconds on Power Poses

We give Amy Cuddy 30 seconds to describe power poses, and she tells us we should all stand like Wonder Woman.

Amy Cuddy is a Social Psychologist and Associate Professor at the Harvard Business School. She studies body language and how it impacts our sense of power and confidence. She also made one of the most watched TED Talks in the history of forever and was named one of Time magazines “Game Changers.” When she takes off her lab coat, Amy puts on her dance shoes because, just like when she was a little girl, she simply “can’t not dance.”

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Filipino Freethinkers Podcast 35: Criteria for Beauty

This week we talk about the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 beauty pageant, the criteria used to judge the contestants, and beauty in general.

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How Can People Do This to Each Other

Dr Joseph Chuman discusses the Rewanda genocide and other mass atrocities.

Duration: 44:22

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How Does Barbie Influence Body Image?

Barbie dolls have been criticized for portraying an unrealistic figure for females. Is this affecting how young girls view themselves? Cristen Conger is here to tell you about the new doll Lammily, and how viewing a more realistic doll could help girls with their self-image.

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