Bring Your Sexy Back

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear that your waning sex drive or lack of sexual curiosity is not the way it has to be; there are solutions when you’re ready for them. This video compares bringing your sexy back to finding the love of driving again. There are lots of analogies, like talking on the phone, getting mail, even cleaning house that remind us we have so much of our trouble-shooting skill set in place, we simply need to apply it to the things that seem uh, expected of us by society to just know, because no one should be talking about them, shhh sex, shhhhhhh!

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I think the title covers it. 


AskLindsey: Morning Wood and Mail

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It’s just a nice, simple chat at my desk about hard-ons and shy dating, teen pregnancy and bringing toys into the relationship. In the comments I ask “How did you learn about Sexplanations?” Please flood it with responses. I love mail!

Lets talk about sex… and ethics! With Sally Le Page

This week Myles and James are joined by the wonderful Sally Le Page to talk about Sex and ethics where humanity comes into play with Science!

Presented by Myles Power and James Gurney.

Guest appearance from Sally Le Page

Duration: 01:07:05

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BUTT STUFF! (QnA with DaveyWavey)

In this video, Laci Green and DaveyWavey answer viewer questions about anal sex.

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you babes sent me tons of questions about anal sex.  on today’s sex+, let’s talk about BUTT STUFF!  we’ll answer all your q’s like:

✔ what to expect
✔ how to keep it pain-free
✔ the cleanliness issue
✔ butt queefs

(New Sex+: BUTT STUFF! QnA with DaveyWavey)

What Kids Think Sex Is

Cristen and Akilah Hughes from “It’s Akiliah, Obviously!” talk about what they thought sex was when they were kids and how “the birds and the bees” makes no sense.

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