Lets talk about sex… and ethics! With Sally Le Page

This week Myles and James are joined by the wonderful Sally Le Page to talk about Sex and ethics where humanity comes into play with Science!

Presented by Myles Power and James Gurney.

Guest appearance from Sally Le Page

Duration: 01:07:05

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BUTT STUFF! (QnA with DaveyWavey)

In this video, Laci Green and DaveyWavey answer viewer questions about anal sex.

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you babes sent me tons of questions about anal sex.  on today’s sex+, let’s talk about BUTT STUFF!  we’ll answer all your q’s like:

✔ what to expect
✔ how to keep it pain-free
✔ the cleanliness issue
✔ butt queefs

(New Sex+: BUTT STUFF! QnA with DaveyWavey)

What Kids Think Sex Is

Cristen and Akilah Hughes from “It’s Akiliah, Obviously!” talk about what they thought sex was when they were kids and how “the birds and the bees” makes no sense.

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Juicy Secrets with Joey Graceffa!

This episode of Sex+ feature’s the well-known daily vlogger and model, Joey Graceffa. Together Laci and Joey go through a series of questions about love, sex, and relationships.

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NEW VID!  YouTube darling Joey Graceffa joins me to spill some juicy secrets about….alla them sexy things ;P