First 3D-printed, open-source humanoid robot

Watch this incredible time-lapse of the world’s first 3D-printed, open-source humanoid robot leap into life starter parts.

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via New Scientist.

Tiny Drones Deliver Bird’s Eye Views Of Hurricanes

Remote controlled aerial vehicle that gathers facts on approaching storms. More information on this story at

via Inside Science.

Paralyzed Exoskeleton Wearer To Make World Cup First Kick

The robotic exoskeleton is brain controlled and will be worn by a paraplegic volunteer. The technology is made possible by basic research funding from NSF.

via Live Science Videos.

Meet Titanoboa, the Giant Robot Snake

We encounter Titanoboa, a 50-foot long mechanical snake built by the makers at the Canadian design collective eatArt. This remote-controlled snake weighs over a ton, and even has a saddle for brave adventurers to mount. Just listen to the sound it makes when it moves!

via Tested.

Robots - Science Cafe - Studium Generale

In dit Science Cafe komen twee sprekers aan het woord die vertellen over robots en de impact hiervan op ons leven, nu en in de toekomst.

duur: 01:41:05

door University of Twente.