All About That Space

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Hello Sci-Friends!

What happens when Coma Niddy sciencifies the hit song All About That Bass? You’ll get All About That Space (see what I did there?).

All About That Space is a cosmic melody that is good for your ears and your brain. Packaging together scientific literacy, climate change, stars exploding and more. It’s like the Cosmos meets Pop Music.

But you won’t know until you watch the video. So go ahead, press the play button and enjoy!

How to Do the Modified Bass - Dental Rap

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In my new video, I teach you the proper technique for brushing your teeth. It’s called the Modified Bass. It’s the more effective way to get those chompers and gum line squeaky clean.

[watch the video]

Your dentist will be proud!

SCI CODE - Pro Tip: Theories are a Big Deal

Hey, you just can’t going around saying that you have a Theory! SCI CODE explains why you should be saying Hypothesis instead.

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SCI CODE: Why Does Salt Melt Ice?

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Imagine that you are an H2O molecule. As a liquid, you vibrate and flow around with other water molecules. When temperatures get low, you vibrate less and begin connect with your neighbors to form ice.


With salt all up in your space, it becomes more difficult to bond your fellow H2O’s. That’s what’s happening when you melt ice with salt.

Most people will just say that salt lowers the freezing point of water. That is true, but it’s not the whole story.

Watch this week’s SCI CODE to learn why Salt Melts Ice.

Black Hole Rap 2: Stephen Hawking Said What?

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Stephen Hawking is shaking up the foundations of Cosmology. He recently published a paper, attempting to revise Black Hole Theory. Now the headlines say things like ‘Black Holes Don’t Exist’ and ‘Stephen Hawking stopped believing in Black Holes.’

What’s really going on? Find out by watching the Black Hole Rap 2.

And just in case you missed it, here’s Black Hole Rap 1.