Bubbles… OF FIRE!

Brian reverts to his childhood and blows bubbles all episode! Oh, also his childhood is possessed with the drive to burn things. Who could’ve known?

Flammable vapors trapped in bubbles is a classic of physics demonstrations, but Brian got the idea of blowing through cotton balls from the book “Stranger Than Fiction” by Derek Lever, published over 50 years ago in 1961.

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SciShow News: New Elements and Exploding Whales

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Hank introduces you to the latest element to be created — and explains why we make them in the first place — plus the science of exploding whales. It’s a thing, people. A messy, smelly thing.

Chemistry & Corpses: The Science of Bog Bodies

SciShow explains the chemistry, archaeology and history of bog bodies — naturally mummified corpses (and other fun things!) that have been discovered in Europe’s peat bogs.

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Feather Shape, Chemistry Keep Diving Birds Dry

Feathers have long been recognized as a classic example of efficient water-shedding— as in the well-known expression “like water off a duck’s back.” A combination of modeling and laboratory tests has now determined how both chemistry and the microstructure of feathers allow birds to stay dry even after emerging from amazingly deep dives.

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