Victims of the trade: Gibbon rescue in Thailand

It’s no holiday for the gibbons of Thailand. Habitat loss, poaching for traditional medicine and the cruel capture of baby gibbons for both the pet and tourism trade have left all but one species threatened or endangered. Luckily the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket is looking to change this. Join us as we tour the sanctuary and meet the gibbons that have been saved from the cruel fate of the tourism trade.

By: Earth Touch.

Camel cams, gorilla relocation and a manta ray mystery

Gold mines in Panama mean trouble for poison dart frogs, training sharks to hunt lionfish, the first-ever aerial orca cam, and a critically endangered gorilla gets a new home! These stories and more in your weekly wildlife news brief!

By: Earth Touch.

Mysteries of the Arctic Whales

Thanks to the new technology and the help from the whales themselves, we are learning more about these Arctic animals more than we ever imagined, as we race against a changing environment. What is the tusk coming out o the the narwhal’s head? How long do bowheads live? Here the answers to those mysteries and more.

By: World Science Festival.

Porcupine Stink

via animalwondersmontana:

I know he smells bad because of experience and science, but for me the stink is merely a distant memory of the first week we had him. It was nearly overwhelming. Now I can barely smell him at all. I think that’s a good thing.