A New Comet’s Very, Very Near Miss

This week, a new comet will make its first visit to the inner Solar System, just barely missing Mars (we hope). SciShow Space News takes you there!

By: SciShow Space.
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Why Can You Sometimes See the Moon During the Day?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can see the moon, even though it’s daytime? That’s crazy, huh?

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How do we study the stars?

Our best technology can send men to the Moon and probes to the edge of our solar system, but these distances are vanishingly small compared to the size of the universe. How then can we learn about the galaxies beyond our own? Yuan-Sen Ting takes us into deep space to show how astronomers study the stars beyond our reach.

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Lesson by Yuan-Sen Ting, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

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What Part Of The Milky Way Can We See?

When you look up and see the Milky Way, you’re gazing into the heart of our home galaxy. What, exactly, are we looking at?

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