The Cyclops’ Gaze - Monster Science №11

To understand the eye of the mythical Cyclops, we must first consider the pineal optics of natural-world organisms. Join Dr. Anton Jessup for another lecture and allow him to pry open your third eye.

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Victims of the trade: Gibbon rescue in Thailand

It’s no holiday for the gibbons of Thailand. Habitat loss, poaching for traditional medicine and the cruel capture of baby gibbons for both the pet and tourism trade have left all but one species threatened or endangered. Luckily the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket is looking to change this. Join us as we tour the sanctuary and meet the gibbons that have been saved from the cruel fate of the tourism trade.

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The Moth: Call to Public Service by Lisa P. Jackson

Former EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson tells how the disaster in New Orleans shaped her as a civil servant.

Scientists, writers, and artists take to the stage to tell stories about their personal relationship to science. The result is a collection of poignant, hilarious and unpredictable tales sure to intrigue and surely hard to forget. Presented in collaboration with The Moth. Watch them all in The Moth at WSF Series.

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A New Comet’s Very, Very Near Miss

This week, a new comet will make its first visit to the inner Solar System, just barely missing Mars (we hope). SciShow Space News takes you there!

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The Cone of Invisibility

Invisibility - it’s something we’ve sought after for years, not just as Harry Potter and Klingon enthusiasts, but for practical purposes of concealment. But is there a way to hide something without the use of camouflage? Is there such a thing as cloaking? As the University of Rochester shows— yes! Kim Horcher and Bryan Forrest (Video Game High School, Man at Arms) discuss!

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