Bats: Wonders of the Night

To see all the great bat action, please watch in HD!

Visit Bat Conservation International to learn more about these amazing species and what we can do to protect them:

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5 Weird Lobster Facts

Lobsters are pretty strange animals. But just how strange, exactly?

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CDC Warns Ebola Outbreak Could Reach 1.4 Million in 3 Months

The Ebola virus disease is spreading throughout western Africa, and the CDC is warning that the spread could top 1.4 million cases in January 2015 if not controlled. Furthermore, the longer it takes the control, the more difficult it will be to quarantine and attempt to treat the disease, as it spreads very rapidly. Kim Horcher and Christina Ochoa (Science educator) discuss.

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How to make a paper plane, with science! | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

How can you use science to make a better paper airplane? Join Ross of the Live Science Team as he investigates how a wing works, the physics of flight and the science behind making a paper plane.

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Being with Jane Goodall

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Jane Goodall shares an important message on the need for empathy in science, and how viewing intelligent and social non-humans as “animal beings” can help us not only treat them with the respect they deserve, but also understand how their complex biology and behavior is intertwined with our own.  

(from NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists)

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